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  • Avatar Cyber Central Garden Community Supplementary Planning Document Closed Featured

    Open from 13 Jan 2020 to 17 Feb 2020

  • Avatar Cheltenham Plan Proposed Main Modifications Closed Featured

    The Cheltenham Plan has now reached 'Main Modifications' stage. These are changes to the 'Pre-Submission' (February 2018) version of the Cheltenham Plan that were discussed at the hearing sessions with the Inspector and have been considered and agreed by the Council. A schedule of all the proposed Main Modifications is available to download below. The schedule identifies the policy or paragraph of the document to which the proposed main modifications relates and has been provided with a unique reference number. Deleted text is shown with strikethrough and new text is shown underlined. In addition, the relevant changes are reflected on the maps / plans included in the documents. Full details of responses will be made available on this page in due course.

    Open from 04 Nov 2019 to 16 Dec 2019

  • Cheltenham Plan Pre-Submission consultation Closed

    Open from 12 Feb 2018 to 09 Apr 2018

  • Cheltenham Plan (Part One): Preferred Options Complete

    An early stage in the Cheltenham Plan process

    Open from 06 Feb 2017 to 20 Mar 2017

  • Cheltenham Plan (part one): Issues and Options Closed

    An early stage in the Cheltenham Plan process

    Open from 22 Jun 2015 to 03 Aug 2015