Cheltenham Plan Proposed Main Modifications


Cheltenham Borough Council has prepared Main Modifications to the submitted plan, which includes Proposed Modifications to the Policies Maps. The Cheltenham Plan covers the whole borough of Cheltenham and contains policies to guide development and growth in the area whilst protecting and enhancing its important features. The Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy provides the higher-order strategic context whilst the Cheltenham Plan provides the second tier response, addressing any policy gaps, and providing a more local level of detail as necessary and appropriate.

Cheltenham Borough Council submitted the Cheltenham Borough Local Plan 2011-2031 Submission Draft (Regulation 19) for examination in October 2018 (the “submitted plan”). Public hearing sessions were held into the submitted plan during February 2019. A number of issues have been raised during the examination which requires further amendments – Main Modifications - to the submitted plan.

A six week period of public consultation is required to be undertaken in accordance with the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement in a similar manner to that in which it would be carried out under Regulation 19. The consultation will only cover the proposed Main Modifications and changes to the policies map; not other aspects of the Plan or ‘omission sites’.

In addition to the Main Modifications, the Council can make minor changes to the submitted plan. Such changes (“Additional Modifications”) would not materially affect the submitted plan’s policies and proposals, but rather would relate to matters such as typographical errors, minor editing, and factual or name changes. These would not be matters for the Inspector’s consideration and do not form part of this consultation; however, they will be published on the Council’s Local Plan examination web page for information.

20 March 2020: The Inspector’s Report has now been published as follows:

ED043 Final Inspector's report on the Cheltenham Plan


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    4 Nov 2019 at 00:00
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    16 Dec 2019 at 23:59