Cheltenham Plan Proposed Main Modifications

Schedule of Main Modifications

The Cheltenham Local Plan was submitted for examination in October 2018. The examination process is being carried out by an independent planning inspector to determine whether the Local Plan is ‘sound’ and has complied with the necessary ‘legal requirements’.

Following the completion of examination hearings into the Plan in February 2019, the plan reached the next key stage in the process. The Inspector recommended that consultation be carried out on the Main Modifications that may be necessary in order for the Plan to be found ‘sound’. The Inspector's final conclusions will be given in her Reports in due course. The consultation is seeking comments on the soundness of the Main Modifications only.

The modifications below are expressed either in the conventional form of strikethrough for deletions and underlining for additions of text, or by specifying the modification in words in italics.

The page numbers and paragraph numbering below refer to the submission local plan and do not take account of the deletion or addition of text.

Please fill in a separate questionnaire form for each Main Modification. There is a link to the questionnaire under each modification.