Cheltenham Plan Pre-Submission consultation

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Response Date 09 Apr 2018
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We consider it imprudent to rely on policies in the JCS and on implementation of the Cheltenham Transport Plan to resolve existing and expected transport issues in Cheltenham.  The former is at a too high, strategic level and relies solely on developers to come up with mitigation proposals.  The latter is hugely controversial and many people feel that it will not succeed.

Cheltenham has particular transport issues not shared by the other two authorities in the JCS.  It is physically constrained on the east by the Cotswolds and has no orbital road facilitating the movement of traffic from the north to the south and vice versa.  When Boots Corner is closed the only possible route will be via Princess Elizabeth Way, already at capacity.  Cheltenham has to deal with this issue itself.  The most logical way would be through the Plan.

We consider that this should be dealt with by a much more wide ranging discussion of the transport issues facing Cheltenham within the Plan together with proposals as to how they may be addressed.  At present Section 15 of the Plan only addresses preserving the former Honeybourne line and restrictions on town centre parking.  This is insufficient for a sound Plan.

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