Cyber Central Garden Community Supplementary Planning Document

In November 2018 a joint bid by Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Councils was made to the Garden Communities programme. The impetus to submit a bid was twofold, firstly concerns around pre-application engagement with the site promoters at that time to deliver a successful comprehensive development that embedded the principles of sustainable and mixed communities as set out by the JCS, and secondly to drive the agenda of Cyber Central, building on this opportunity to drive exceptional quality and innovation.

Homes England supported the bid for Garden Communities. In providing Garden Community Status to the delivery of West Cheltenham, Homes England will be looking for a clear demonstration against the principles set out in the bid, including:

  • Diverse living options – varied affordable and flexible tenancies with the first 1000 homes being delivered by CBC
  • Connected – an accessible development that is physically, digitally and culturally integrated
  • A 24/7 campus – a dynamic community that integrates a diverse mixture of uses and people
  • Inclusive – a transformational development that creates strong communities
  • Healthy – a green and biodiverse development that encourages physical and mental well-being
  • Environmentally innovative – an ecologically friendly development that is restorative to its natural surroundings
  • A smart ecosystem – a connected community that is digitally, environmentally and socially intelligent
  • Intense & tranquil – a vibrant and thriving community within a unique landscape setting
  • A world-class campus – a collaborative community that brings together leading cyber businesses and innovators alongside academic facilities dedicated to cyber and digital technologies.


  • Opened
    13 Jan 2020 at 00:00
  • Closed
    17 Feb 2020 at 17:00